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Quick question concerning the .Net 4.5 Demo

Feb 11, 2013 at 2:49 AM
Hi again,

I've been playing with your code, a quick question, on the MF side the discrete[]/input[] are the input and the coils[] are the output, but in the .Net 4.5 Demo they are named the other way around. Did I misinterpreted something ?

Feb 11, 2013 at 4:45 AM
You are right: the naming is somewhat confusing and I do know that.
However, it turns that it's pretty difficult finding out a kind of naming that fits any combination of master/slave and pc/board.
For instance, if you use the Netduino as network device, you'll have any I/O available. Instead, when you use it with serial/RS485, a couple of I/O will be used for the USART. That will break the naming between the TCP/UDP and the RTU version.

On the PC the reason is much more trivial. Simply I wanted to give a basic tool for a demo, and for a quick testing.
About the naming, consider the pc demo as a "mirror" of what is actually happening on the Netduino-side. For instance, when the pc is the master, the I/O state of the Netduino should be transferred to the desktop app. Thus, whereas the Netduino has a switch for simulating a discrete input, at the same position the PC shows a led (coil) for showing the switch state.

Let's say that's an attempt to wrap any kind of combination together in a single package, without getting crazy with ton of sources.
The goal is demonstrating the library functions and testing the various commands.
Any suggestion to get the things better is also welcome!

Thank you for pointing it out!